Final PhoeniX

So who is this PhoeniX guy?

That would be me.

My real name is Bjorn. I was born 8 December 1982 (Sagittarius) in Imelda Bonheiden (Belgium), which makes me 26 years old.

I'm in love with my precious Nayoh. We are together since 2008/06/15.

I lived in Keerbergen for the 10 years of my live. I lived in Sint-Katelijne-Waver for a several years before moving back to Keerbergen when I started college in Leuven. After my studies in Leuven I decided to stick around and got myself my very own place. It's not big, but it's mine.

I'm 1m82 (5,9 foot), I got long dark brown curly hear and brown eyes.

I'm fluent in Dutch and English. I could use a brush up course for my French. I like learning new things so I'm also trying to learn a bit of Japanese.

So that's a little bit about me. If you know me in real life and think I missed something important the world should know? Tell me and I might add it here.

Usually I hate getting my picture taken so most of the time you'll get something like this:

Me hiding behind a towel. Me with eyes closed.

But here are some other pictures:

Old picture of me. Old picture of me. Old picture of me.
Old picture of me. Old picture of me. Recent picture of me.
Shine bright, this is my Final flight.
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