So who is this PhoeniX guy?

That's me, also known as Bjorn.

Bjorn 2007
I was born 8 December 1982 (Sagittarius) in Bonheiden, which makes me 25 years old. More then a quarter century and I'm starting to feel old.

I lived in Keerbergen for the first part of my live. I lived in Sint-Katelijne-Waver for a few years before moving back to Keerbergen and starting collage in Leuven.

After my studies in Leuven I decided to stick around and got myself my very own place. It's not big, but it's mine.

I'm 1m82 (5,9 foot), I got long dark brown curly hear and brown eyes. And for those who don't know, Bjorn is a boy's name, so I'm male.

I'm fluent in Dutch and English. I could use a brush up course for my French. I'm also trying to learn Japanese but that's not going very well.

I like learning new things.

So that's a little bit about me. If you know me in real life and think I missed something important the world should know? Tell me and I might add it here.

Usually I hate getting my picture taken so most of the time you'll get something like this:
Bjorn Hidden
Or I just close my eyes:
Bjorn 2006
I also found some older pictures:
Bjorn 2000
Bjorn 2004

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