Yea, I got few hobbies. Although the focus tends to shift around a lot:

Going out

Hitting the town? Ok I confess, I might have have been known to have a few to many when going out in the past. But I'm trying to change. No more going out and coming home wasted for me; I killed enough brains cells already.

Of course I found a loophole: throwing a party is not really going out, is it? So I try to invite some friend for a party every now and then. It seems my Mojito is becoming a popular drink. We even made our own cocktail.

When going out I like to dance, but I'm really bad at it. So I should just try to stay away from the dance floor.



I play all sorts of games (which doesn't mean I'm any good at it). I mostly like FPS, RPG and RTS games. So here is a quick list of the games I tend to play:

I also try to organize a LAN-party from time to time.



I like to listen to almost any kind of music. My favorite type of music changes from time to time. I've been listening a lot to DragonForce lately.

I feel sad not being able to play an instrument of my own. I'd like to learn to play drums one day. I mostly play drums on Rockband but I'm not good enough.



I like to watch horror and action/adventure movies. I got a small collection of DVD's.

My favorite movie is American Beauty (which is not a horror or action/adventure movie:).



Sugoi. I came into contact with anime thanks to Club Dorothee a long time ago. I got a small collection of anime DVD's.



After anime, I became interested manga as well.

I have bought several manga's.

And I follow a few series on www.onemanga.com until they become available locally.



Costume play refers to the practice of dressing up in costume to resemble anime, manga, sci-fi/fantasy, and video game characters.

I always wanted to do a cosplay, and this year on FACTS I took my first steps. You can find more information on my costumes on my www.cosplay.com profile.



More information soon.


Inline skating

More information soon.


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